Mumbai, April 27, 2007: Recent success of Bhojpuri cinema has disapproved the myth that the cinema in regional language have limited scope. These days superstars like Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgan are acting in Bhojpuri cinemas, which are made in locations like London and different European countries.Angika_film_KWB_Khagaria_Vali_Bhouji

In theatres, every week Hindi movies are changing frequently while Bhojpuri movies are consistently being screened for months and doing good business. They are running well even in non-Bhojpuri regions including metropolitans like New Delhi and Mumbai. Among abroads, Mauritius and Fiji are the countries where these cinemas have good scope.

Grand success of Bhojpuri cinemas inspired Angika speaking people across to make movies in Angika . This lead Kunal Baikunth Singh to make the first ever Angika feature film, “Khagaria Vali Bhouji”. Kunal is assured of the success of his film made with relatively low budget. However, the question is, if the trend initiated by him will be able to match up with the success of Bhojpuri Cinema.

The important point in favour of the success of Angika cinema is that its spectator is spread over a vast area of Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, which comprise of around four crores of Angika speaking population. However, the main problem with Angika language is that the people generally avoid speaking Angika language with others, as they feel inferior. While there is no such problems with Bhojpuri people. This is the reason why Angika lags behind in this field.

It is to be noted that the success of Bhojpuri got beginning with the hit songs of Chaila Bihari, a singer of Angika . This song ‘ Sasu bidi, sasur ganja……’ gave him and Tripti Shakya overnight popularity and success. However, very soon this success was overcome by Bhojpuri language. Many albums were made in the same way and proceed forward with filmmaking. Today even Chaila Bihari prefers to sing Bhojpuri.

As compared to Angika , Bhojpuri is more widely recognized due to some reasons or others. This encourages producers to promote Bhojpuri films. Moreovers there are Angika and Bhojpuri spectators in Delhi and Mumbai too and Maithili speaking people around from Drabhanga and Madhubani, Angika speaking people from Bihar, Jahrkhand and West Bengal can understand Bhojpuri and are also very much interested in watching Bhojpuri films just like those from Aara – Chhapra.

Apart from this, some officers, ministers and other employees from the previous government has provided their tremendous supports to Bhojpuri producers. There is hardly anybody to finance Angika Producers and hence today Angika Actors are busy with Bhojpuri films and songs, may it be the actor Vijay Shukla or Singer Chaila Bihari and Indu Sonali.

Bhojpuri films are doing well in Angika speaking areas areas like Bhagalpur, Banka,, Purnea, Saharsa, Madhepura, Khagaria, Godda, Dumka, Maldah and Katihar etc. While Angika is not getting its importance even in its own area.

Inspite of such prevailing odds, Kunal,s steps of making Cinema in Angika Language should be praised and admired. Who knows if it is a hit tomorrow, there will be a series of producers? New government may start encouraging the producer. Actors themselves may start supporting for filmmaking. No wonder if Angika entertainment business follows the track of successes in near future. A correct beginning disapproves many myths.

(An Exclusive Report on by Kundan Amitabh & Shaival)

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