Mumbai, April 27, 2007: Success of first ever Angika language film, ‘Khagaria Vali Bhouji’ will have great impact on popularity of Angika music album. Angika songs are not just played in Pan shops or Taxis but now a days it is also played in hotels and restaurant and several known programs. Initially Angika Songs were hampered by use of vulgar and double meaning lyrics but now it has flourished in new form.angika_film_9

“Sasu bidi Sasur ganja devar piye chai bhang….”. Thirteen years ago, Angika music album was started with this song of singer Chaila Bihari and Tripti Shakya. There was a revolution in Angika Music album after this. Angika is the only regional language of Bihar after Bhojpuri to be made music album in. There have been many singers like, Chiku Bihari, Indu Sonali, Shravan Bhagalpuri, Meenu Arora, Pintoo Diwana etc. who have potential to take Angika Music album to a new height. In last few years, business of Angika music albumhas spread over to a great extent. It has been so famous that now even videos are made in this language. There have been more than fifty Angika Music albums in the market. According to grass root market persons Angika music album needs to be spread.

Angika is spoken by a vast population – around four to five crores people of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Apart from this people, speaking Bhojpuri can also easily understand Angika. One or two hits in Angika will help this language to make its appearance in other states and countries.

The music album made in the regional language of Jharkhand ‘Khorta’ are even famous in Bihar. Similarly, Angika will also reach to its fans in other states like U.P, Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. easily.

(An Exclusive Report on by Kundan Amitabh )

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