Mumbai: 31 March,’07: An imaginative, dedicated, and determined effort of Kunal Baikunth Singh springs in the form of first Angika film, “Khagaria Vali Bhouji.”Angika_film_KWB_Bete_Ka_Swagat

Kunal says, “To be a hero in film was my dream since my childhood.” Once again, it has been prevailed that great achievements often require long, tortuous, and bitter experiences including certainly some sacrifices. All things are possible to that believeth . The requirement is to never giving up. It is wiser and better always to help than ever despair. There is no failure in giving up, no real fall so long as one still tries.

Nevertheless, seeming setbacks only make the strong men wise and motivate to try still harder. Many a time a strong, earnest, and enduring soul has swaged the destiny of not only society and nations but also of humankind.

Success for sure is not a matter of luck or genius. Genius that exploding and expanding power, which dazzles and enthralls mortal eyes is more often than not perseverance in disguise. Success depends on adequate preparation and indomitable as well as lasting determination.

Angika film star, Kunal Singh is as transparent as water of natural spring. His transparent behaviour brings a breath of fresh air to one’s heart. He voluntarily accepts, “I was quite violent by nature at teenager stage.”

There is no defeat in truth saving from within and unless you are beaten there, you are bound to win. Firm must be the will, patient the heart, passionate the aspiration to secure the fulfillment of any high and lofty purpose.

An Exclusive Report on by Kundan Amitabh

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