2 months ago
COVID-19 : बाहर सँ लानलौ तरकारी व समान के उपयोग के सुरक्षित तरीका की छेकै ?
3 months ago
अंगिका भाषा क संविधान केरौ ८मो अनुसूची आरू बिहार केरौ दोसरौ राज्यभाषा के श्रेणी मँ शामिल करबाबै ल मुख्यमंत्री, विधि मंत्री सँ माँग
3 months ago
जनगणना मँ अपनौ नामौ सथें मातृभाषा के कॉलम मँ अंगिका जरूर दर्ज करैइयै : अंगिका निवेदन पत्र, नेपाली गीत गोष्ठी
3 months ago
अंगिका क संविधान केरौ ८मो अनुसूची मँ डलबाबै आरू बिहार केरौ दोसरौ राजभाषा के रूपौ मँ मान्यता दिलाबै तलक जारी रहतै संघर्ष – प्रीतम विश्वकर्मा कवियाठ
3 months ago
अंगिका क संविधान केरौ ८ मो अनुसूची मँ आरू बिहार केरौ दोसरौ राज्यभाषा के श्रेणी मँ सूचीबद्ध करबाबै लेली नेपाली गीत-गोष्ठी आयोजित करतै कार्यक्रम

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When could one be able to produce Angika Cinema?

The fact of contempt of Angika Language by Visual & Audible Media like Doordarshan and Aakashvani is no more hidden. If I speak of film making in Angika in to my knowledge, no such effort has been made yet toward it till date.[wzslider autoplay=”true”] In Bihar, Aakashvani Patna Centre has just celebrated its golden jubilee on 26 th Jan, 1997. There was a new hope in public of Bihar when on 26th Jan, 1947, the Home Minister and Information and Telecast Minister then, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, inaugurated this important centre. People thought that under the right of equality, all regional languages and regional cultures’ programmes will get equal opportunity among the programs telecasted from this centre. But event after elapsing of 50 years, such equality has not been maintained. Rather, no such exercise was performed for doing the same. Angika , the language of over 3 crore population of Bihar has not been placed… Read More

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