Film is releasing today (27th April,’07) at Khagaria,Bihar,India. Angika_film_KWB_Khagaria_Vali_Bhouji

We feel overconfident and proud of Mr. Kunal Baikunth Singh who has served Angika filmdom as a Producer, Director, Actor and Screenplay writer, and even as many other unknown type of specialist in the process of first Angika film production. Such a versatile genius is quite rare in Indian cinema history. We wish Kunal Baikunth Singh,the Hero, Neetu Singh the Heroine & the whole team of first ever Angika feature film, “Khagariya Vali Bhouji” a grand success. We wish this film alone will be able to carry Angika film into the national honor list by winning National Awards or so. All the best.

… Team …

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