Jagatsinghpur: One poverty stricken literature and publisher has recorded his name Limca Book of Records’ by publishing a magazine in 60 language bringing inspiration and happy among local littérateurs, publishers for achieving this rare proud in this district.

Fund crunch failed to prevent Bijaya Kuamr Mohapatra, 40 from fulfilling his long cherished dream of publishing a magazine in 64 languages and achieving record in Limca Book of Records. An attempt that started in 1990 with publication of ‘Suna Bhaunei’ in Oriya and subsequently the ‘Loving Sister’ in English in 1992 has now 60 versions in different languages. With financial assistance of Rs 5000 from his brother in law Mohapatra has published the first language.

Other versions of the magazine are Payri Bahan ( 1992) in Hindi, Loving sister (1992) in English, Sona Bona(1992) in Bengali, Vahali Bahen (1998)in Gujarati, Priyamania Chellelu(1998) in Telgu, Subrana Bhagani (1998) in Sanskrit, Priya Sodari (1998) in Kannad, Pyari Bahen (1999) in Urudu, Maramara Bharti (1999) in Assemese, Anbu Sagothari (1999) in Tamil, , Pyari Bhen (1999) in Sindhi, Piari Bhen (1999) in Punjabi, Priya Tai (2000) in Marathi, Dulaliya Misera (2000) in Santhali, Priya Sahodari (2000) in in Malayalam, Pyari Bahini (2000) in Nepali, Nungsirabi Icha (2001) in Manipuri, Mogal Bhayana (2001) in Konkani, Suna Bahen (2001) in Koshali, Ladi Bhen (2003) in Dogari, Suna Angi (2004) in Kui, Dulari Bahin (2004) in Bhojapuri, Tyath Byani (2004) in Kashmiri, Suna Bahen (2004) in Dam, Dulari Bahin (2004) in Maithili and other languages. Much to his satisfaction and to the appreciation of many, the magazine even appears in dialects as little known as Angika Bajika, Magahai and Ho.

Despite poverty of his family and absence o f any support from the administration & government for his effort Mohapatra has made a short of history in hi region by publishing in 60 languages. He has also established a mini library cum museum in his Pakanpur village in which he has stored several old publications and manuscripts. His collection of antiques, old coins, postal stamps, and photographs have also been displayed in the museum. The man is also bringing out a weekly of children’s literature, ‘The World Children’s Literature’ in English, Oriya, and Hindi since 2001.

Editor, Limca Book of Records Vijaya Ghose has awarded him for editing and publishing children’s magazine i most languages over past 20 years. Starting with Suna Bahuni in Oriya first published in 1990, followed by English and Hindi editions in 1992, he succeeded to bring out the magazines in 50 languages by 2007.
Mr Mohapatra said that he has determined to publish this magazine in other 240 languages in future. Poverty is no bar but strong will and determination has made me success to achieve this award bringing proud for my effort. District collector Mr Pramoda Kumar Meherdha and eminent littérateur Mr Mohendra Kuamr Acharay, eminent social activist Mr Akshaya Kumar Behera , local legislator Mr Bishnu Das and others have praised him for his out standing performance in his litterateur work.


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