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सुमिरौं प्रथम पूजनीय माय क | अंगिका कविता | परमानंद प्रेमी | Sumiron Pratham Pujniya Mai ke | Angika Poetry | Permanand Premi
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फाइनल मैच आरू सुपर ओवर टाय होला के बाद न्यूजीलैंड क हराय क इंगलैंड क्रिकेट विश्व चैंपियन | World Cup Final: NZ vs ENG | News in Angika Language | England is new Cricket World Cup Champion
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जों समय सीमा 11 बजी क 5 मिनट क पार करी जैतै त काल न्यूजीलैंड के टीम आजको स्कोर सँ आगे खेलना शुरू करतै | विश्व कप क्रिकेट- २०१९ | IND vs NZ 1st Semifinal| World Cup Cricket – 2019
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अंक तालिका मँ सबसँ उपर भारत, न्यूजीलैंड सँ भिड़तै सेमीफाइनल मँ | विश्व कप क्रिकेट- २०१९ | India topped the table after just one loss and a washed-out game | World Cup Cricket – 2019

Reacting to Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bihar to visit the family members of those killed during the serial blasts at BJP’s ‘Hunkar rally’ in Patna, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee president Arjun Modhwadia accused Modi of showing “false sympathy” with the victims.


Modhwadia, who had of late taken an aggressive stand against Modi, said in a statement on Saturday that if Modi had really any compassion for the victims of terror, it should be shown in Gujarat as well.

The Congress leader pointed out that when former BJP minister Haren Pandya was shot dead in Ahmedabad in 2003, Modi was the only BJP leader conspicuous by his absence at Pandya’s condolence meet.

BJP leaders and workers from all over the state, as well from other parts of the country and BJP sympathisers from across the world had rushed to Pandya’s house to express sympathy with his family. “But Modi was the only one who did not visit Pandya’s widow and other family members,” Modhwadia alleged. He further alleged that to ensure that BJP MLAs couldn’t attend Panday’s condolence meeting, Modi convened a meeting of BJP legislature party to coincide with the time of the condolence meting.

“Where was his fellow feeling, sympathy and compassion at that time? Had it disappeared from his heart?” Modhwadia questioned.

The Congress leader asked why Modi didn’t visit families of the 38 victims of the Akshardham temple terror attack. “Why did you not go to meet the families of those killed due to collapse of several buildings built by Vadodara Urban Development Authority,” he said. Modhwadia said that Modi attended a function near the site of the VUDA complex just two days after the collapse of the buildings. Yet he did not “consider it his duty to go and show his sympathy with the families of the victims”.

He went on to mention that Modi had not visited the family members of the victims of serial bomb blasts at Civil Hospital and Kalupr railway station in 2008. “Tell people if you visited any of the family members of July 2008 blast victims?,” Modhwadia challenged Modi.

(Source:   http://www.indianexpress.com/news/-modi-showing-false-sympathy-with-blast-victims-of-bihar-/1190537/ )

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