Mumbai, April 18, 2007: When asked, Kunal Baikunth Singh replied, “Man management was the most difficult and challenging task in the process of making the first Angika Film – Khagaria Vali Bhouji”. He further adds, “You seldom find the people who are very much co-operative in such endeavors.” His pain was obvious when it was found that he was trying to take the job of artists from common people. Angika_film_KWB_man_management

“Dekhaiye Chhaow , sab kuchh khud se karey la parey chhai” Kunal Singh says while directing me to speak a particular dialogue for a character of this film during dubbing in Shakuntalam studio at Andheri, Mumbai. It was a rare opportunity to observe that with limited resources how Kunal Singh was managing the things to be happened in his favour.

It seemed that no other thing would be as challenging as a film production. Every individual on the set is required to perform a task that is essential for creating a quality film. Whether it be operating cameras or using computers or dubbing the voices or composing the music. It was not quite easy to take the job of regional language film from the people of outside the domain.

Working on a feature film generally requires long hours and very hard work. If one like to work regular hours, the quality of work may be hampered. Typically, film crews work all night, or work odd shifts. It is generally a difficult task to convince the people to do the work right up to whole night or so.

To succeed in the film industry one require talent, and creative ability. Ultimately it is quality work that offer one the satisfaction of creating entertainment projects that will be seen around the world by millions of people.

As I walked off the studio, Kunal Singh walked up to me and said. “Good work today.Everything worked perfectly.” It was a great day. He was able to get the performances from a common man like me as he required.

An Exclusive Report on by Kundan Amitabh

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