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चाँद पर विक्रम लैंडर के ठेकानौ के लगलै पता, पर अखनी नै हुअय सकलौ छै संपर्क | ISRO found Vikram on surface of moon, yet to communicate | Chandrayaan 2 | News in Angika
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अंगिका महोत्सव -२०२० के आयोजक समिति के भेलै गठन । Angika Mahotsav-2020 Organizing Committee Constituted| News in Angika
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सुलतानगंज केरौ श्रावणी मेला मँ जमा होलौ सिक्का के गिनती सँ परेशानी के माहौल
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फरवरी केरौ पहलौ सप्ताह मँ ही आयोजित होतै अंगिका महोत्सव -२०२० । Angika Mahotsav to be organised in first week of February-2020 | News in Angika
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अंगिका क भारतीय संविधान केरौ आठमौ अनुसूची मँ शामिल करवावै लेली 5 दिसम्बर क जन्‍तर-मन्‍तर प धरना आरू 6 दिसम्बर क राज घाट पर आमरण-अनसन सह सत्‍याग्रह । Dharna at  Jantar Mantar on 5 December and fasting on 6 March at Raj Ghat planned to include Angika in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution  | News in Angika

Mumbai, April 20, 2007: With the clearance and certificate granted by Censor Board to “Khagaria Vali Bhouji” the final countdown has begun for the first time screening of any Angika language film on Indian silver screens. The film is going to be released in Khagaria town based Cinema hall first on 27th April, 2007. Thereafter it will be screened in number of cinema halls in different parts of Anga region of Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. It shall also be released in different cinema halls of metro cities like, Mumbai, Delhi, Patna and Calcutta as a part of second phase.

Kunal is very much assured of the success of this film. He says “Humrow ummed se bhi badiyan banlow chhai cinema” “The final production of the film is far better than my expectation.” He further says, “From each and every angle, film is contending with any good Hindi Movie.”

The title role of this film is played by Neetu Singh while thee Producer and Director Kunal Baikunth Singh is playing the role of hero himself. Apart from this, the lead actress of T.V.Serials “Mehar”, Shabnam Kapoor is also playing an important role. Among Bhojpuri regional actors, Prashant Singh, Ravianjan Shekhar, Gulshan of Banka and Kaushal Singh are playing important roles.

Manohar Naidu the Dance Director of about 350 films, Charudutta the winner of best Cameraman by Maharashtra government has also been assisting the film. Shooting of the film has been done in different location of Anga region and Mumbai.

Producer of this film are Kunal Baikunth Singh and Lal Bihari Singh while Co-Producer is Kunj Bihari Singh. The Director of this film is again Kunal Baikunth Singh. Music has been given by Arvind Jha, Pavan Muradpuri, and S. Paul while lyrics have been written by S.Kumar, Badri Prasad, and Ikhlas.

(An Exclusive Report on angika.com by Kundan Amitabh )

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