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चाँद पर विक्रम लैंडर के ठेकानौ के लगलै पता, पर अखनी नै हुअय सकलौ छै संपर्क | ISRO found Vikram on surface of moon, yet to communicate | Chandrayaan 2 | News in Angika
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अंगिका महोत्सव -२०२० के आयोजक समिति के भेलै गठन । Angika Mahotsav-2020 Organizing Committee Constituted| News in Angika
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सुलतानगंज केरौ श्रावणी मेला मँ जमा होलौ सिक्का के गिनती सँ परेशानी के माहौल
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फरवरी केरौ पहलौ सप्ताह मँ ही आयोजित होतै अंगिका महोत्सव -२०२० । Angika Mahotsav to be organised in first week of February-2020 | News in Angika
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अंगिका क भारतीय संविधान केरौ आठमौ अनुसूची मँ शामिल करवावै लेली 5 दिसम्बर क जन्‍तर-मन्‍तर प धरना आरू 6 दिसम्बर क राज घाट पर आमरण-अनसन सह सत्‍याग्रह । Dharna at  Jantar Mantar on 5 December and fasting on 6 March at Raj Ghat planned to include Angika in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution  | News in Angika

Deepavali draws people together. However, like every coin has two sides, this festival too has two aspects. Apart from the excitement quotient the festival brings, the deafening noise of firecrackers has definitely become a cause for concern.

While any indulgence is addictive, it is equally imperative to be considerate towards others. Keeping this in view, some plan to celebrate the festival in a subdued fashion.diwali_cautions

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon R. Ahi Krishna says he would always discourage his children from bursting crackers.

“There are many ways to celebrate the festival of lights. You can invite guests and throw a surprise party, organise theme-based games to entertain family members, spend special moments with friends, and so on and so forth. When I meet my friends, I make sure they join hands to celebrate the festival minus the noise,” the doctor explains.

Eye care

Eye specialists say firecrackers are liberally loaded with sulphur and potassium nitrate that leave an impact on our naked eye, causing minor burns to vision loss.

Ophthalmologist A.V.N. Chetty says, “Every year, we get more complaints during the festival season. It is important to guard the eyes with protective glasses, preferably transparent ones, while bursting crackers. Toxic dust present in the crackers causes corneal and eyelid burns and, in some cases, also leads to permanent vision loss.”

Skin allergies

Smoke from fireworks induces a number of allergies and skin rashes.

Skin specialist B. Narasimha Rao suggests avoiding self-medication. “Direct contact with chemicals present in the fireworks triggers severe allergies among children. They should not be allowed to make crackers experimenting with their own theory. For any injuries, consult a doctor right away,” he asserts.

(Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Visakhapatnam/deepavali-celebrations-exercise-caution-say-doctors/article5307763.ece )

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