अंग – अंगिका केरॊ विकास लेली होतै महासम्मेलन

नवी मुंबई : बिहार केरॊ बांका जिला के रजौन प्रखंड केरॊ मंझगांय पंचायत मॆं अंग-अंगिका के विकास व हक केरॊ लड़ाई कॆ लकॆ 28 अप्रैल कॆ महासम्मेलन केरॊ आयोजन करलॊ जैतै. बीतलॊ बुधवार कॆ नवी मुंबई केरॊ खारघर मॆं अंगिका.कॉम के कुंदन अमिताभ कॆ महासम्मेलन मॆं भाग लॆ लेली न्योता देतॆं अंग उत्थानान्दोलन समिति केरॊ अध्यक्ष गौतम सुमन नॆ इ जानकारी देलकै. हुनका साथॆं अंगिका के लोक गायक आरो आकाशवाणी सॆं जुङलॊ कलाकार सुनील कुमार सिंह भी रहै. संबंधित अंगिका समाचार पढ़ऽ / Read similar Angika News :मोदी केरॊ ताजपोशी आज,राष्ट्रपति कॆ भेजलॊ गेलै…अंगिका भाषा का साहित्यिक परिदृश्यनवनिर्माणाधीन अंगिका फिल्म,”ऐलै हो मिलन के…अंग आरू अंगवासी केरॊ प्रगति आरू उन्नति लेली गौतम…बिहार सरकार करलकै अंगिका अकादमी केरॊ गठन – अंगिका…सुखरात मॆं आतिशबाजी सॆं निजातअंग देश केरॊ स्थानीय कलाकारॊ सीनी कॆ प्राथमिकता…चार-चार अंगिका फिल्म निर्माण के राजीव रंजन दास केरॊ…अंगिका भाषा केरॊ उत्थान लेली बीडीओ कॆ सौंपलॊ गेलै ज्ञापननरेंद्र मोदी बनलॆ देश के 15वाँ प्रधानमंत्री, आज…

Bihar to celebrate century with ‘blues’!

Bihar will be swathed in blue during the three-day Bihar Diwas celebrations, beginning from March 22. Cultural and social programmes will mark the start of celebrations which will continue for the whole year. All heritage buildings and many other structures — including the residence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Raj Bhavan — will be illuminated in blue. The State Government even has appealed to people to illuminate their houses in the same colour. “During the celebration time, the entire State will turn into a blue zone, with lights illuminating every nook and cranny. The colour was selected by Government officials,” said Bihar Tourism Minister Sunil Kumar Pintu. The department has reportedly planned to illuminate Gandhi Setu Bridge connecting north Bihar with central Bihar in the same colour. Besides, all the important buildings around the historical Gandhi Maidan will be decorated with blue lights. The three-day cultural extravaganza at Gandhi Maidan promises to be a… Read More

Jamshedpurians seek a new train to Bhagalpur

AMSHEDPUR: The Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Shas sought three new trains and has taken up its long-pending demand of a direct train to Jodhpur (Rajasthan) from Tatanagar and a train to Hyderabad. It has also sought a train to Bhagalpur from here. The social and industrial organizations of the Steel City are expecting railway minister Dinesh Trivedi to concede to few of their demands, if not all. “In our memorandum (to the railway minister) we have sought two new trains in addition to our long-standing demand for a train to Jodhpur,” said Suresh Sonthalia, a senior SCCI member. Existence of over three lakh Rajasthani population in the city is the premise of the SCCI’s demand for a train to Rajasthan, while frequent travel of a large number of students to the southern city for higher education is the basis of the demand for train to Hyderabad. The reason for seeking a train to… Read More

Maoists help government for drinking water

Maoists might not welcome roads – fearing these would provide access to their hideouts – but extend full “cooperation” to the government machinery when it comes to drinking water, say officials working in Jharkhand’s rural areas. “There are no problems from the Maoists, as everyone needs water…in fact, they help us,” a state government official told IANS on condition of anonymity. Large parts of the backward but mineral-rich state are under Maoist rebel influence, with as many as 20 of the 24 districts considered to be under the sway of left-wing extremism. The official said lower-level Maoist functionaries interact with the government staff on a daily basis when it comes to repairing old handpumps and borewells or setting up new ones to provide drinking water to tribal populations. As the water stress months – March to June – have set in, the demand for drinking water works would go up in the rural areas. “Some… Read More

Flipkart’s paid music download store “Flyte” gets online,offers wide range of songs in different languages including Angika

New Delhi: Internet growth could easily be recorded with the increasing online transaction. While, looking after these things one among the renowned shopping website Flipkart.Com has introduced an online low cost paid music store named“FLYTE”. Flipkart-Flyte offers wide range of songs in different languages: Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Rajasthani, Oriya, Sanskrit, Konkani, Urdu, Assamese, Angika, Awadhi, Bundeli, Chhattisgarhi, Garhwali, Haryanvi, Himachali, Kashmiri, Khortha, Kumaoni, Maarwari, Magadhi, Maithili, Manipuri, Naga, Nepali, Pali, Sambalpuri, Sindhi, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish. Flipkart-Flyte website has been designed with an aim to offer the best and easy navigation. Website has been divided into different category page: Digital Store | Bestsellers | Bollywood Hits | International Hits | Regional Hits Along with this Flipkart’s online music download store – Flyte allow you to download a Single song starting at Rs 6 and albums at Rs 25. Songs.Pk, one of the illegal music download website has… Read More

आठवीं सूची में शामिल हो अंगिका

भागलपुर, अंग मुक्ति दल जिला इकाई के तत्वाधान में मंगलवार को बाल विकास विद्यालय परिसर में अंग दिवस समारोह का आयोजन किया गया। समारोह का उद्घाटन जिलाध्यक्ष नारायण ने दीप प्रज्वलित कर किया। इस मौके पर आचार्य भास्करानंद अवधूत के संदेश का विमोचन भी किया गया। वक्ताओं ने कहा कि किसान और मजदूर संगठित हो जाए तो अंग मुक्ति दल काफी मजबूत हो जाएगा। अंगिका भाषा को आठवीं सूची में सरकार को शामिल करनी होगी। साथ ही अंगवासी अपने सुरक्षा के लिए तैयार रहे। इसके अलावा संगठन के मजबूती पर विस्तार से चर्चा किया गया। कार्यक्रम में केन्द्रीय सदस्य रामकुण्ड ठाकुर परिहार, उपाध्यक्ष अर्जुन शर्मा, सचिव श्रीलाल राणा, प्रवक्ता एएम तब्बसूम, अर्जुन राय, संतलाल राय सहित काफी संख्या में सदस्य उपस्थित थे। संबंधित अंगिका समाचार पढ़ऽ / Read similar Angika News :अंगिका, कोसली सहित सब्भे ३८ अनुसूचित भाषा केरौ…Tilka Manjhi – The First Freedom Fighter of Indiaअंगिका को अष्टम अनुसूची में शामिल करने की आनाकानी…क्या… Read More

Qawwali singer mesmerizes all

PATNA: Bachcha Nasim Kausar, a nationally-acclaimed, Bhagalpur-based Qawwali singer, enthralled the audience with his scintillating performance here on Saturday. The divine music wafted through the corridors of Patna high court as Ustad Kausar and his group took the centre stage to regale the audience with sufiana-qawwali rendition – ‘Ninad Aab- e-Hayat’ – organized by the Takshila Educational Society in collaboration with Delhi Public School on the high court mazar premises. As the evening progressed, the intense tempo and mellifluous renditions of ‘Hazrat Ali Manqabat – Hazrat Ali karam’ and ‘Khwaja Gharib Nawaz ki Manqabat’ mesmerized the audience. The ghazal ‘Aa dil main tujhe rakh lu…’ was enjoyed by all. His performance having the central theme of love, devotion and longing were received with applause by the audience. The universal nature of Sufi philosophy together defined by the group’s soulful renditions mesmerized all those present. Earlier talking to TOI, Ustad Kausar said, “I have been performing… Read More

Identity of language

How can I ever forget February 21 – a day smeared in the blood of my brothers? It’s a day that evokes very strong emotions. Because, it was not just a movement for getting official recognition for Bangla from the erstwhile Central Government of Pakistan, it became an assertion of Bengali nationalist identity and set East and West Pakistan on a collision course that eventually led to the birth of Bangladesh. And thebhasha andolan (language movement) also inspired development and celebration of Bangla literature, arts and culture, thus having a major impact on Bengali society at large. February 21, which was recognized by Unesco as International Mother Language Day at its session in November, 1999, is a national holiday in Bangladesh where lakhs of people congregate at iconic Shahid Minar in Dhaka – and its replicas across the country – to pay respects to the martyrs of the movement who were killed in police firing… Read More

मिलन के बहाने अंगिका समाज हुआ एकजुट

जमशेदपुर : मिलन समारोह के बहाने अंगिका समाज को एकजुट करने का प्रयास सफल रहा। रविवार को केबुल मैदान में मिलन समारोह का आयोजन किया गया था। इसमें बांका (बिहार) के विधायक जावेद इकबाल अंसारी मुख्य रूप से उपस्थित थे जबकि ईचागढ़ के विधायक अरविंद सिंह बतौर विशिष्ट अतिथि मौजूद रहे। अतिथियों के अतिरिक्त संघ के संरक्षक सह बिल्डर एसोसिएशन के अध्यक्ष कौशल कुमार सिंह, उद्यमी अजय सिंह, कांग्रेस के जिला अध्यक्ष रविन्द्र झा, सेवानिवृत्त जज सारंगधर सिंह, एमएन झा, शालिग्राम यादव, पार्षद लक्ष्मी देवी, अनिता देवी, शशि भूषण सिंह व मुकेश ने दीप प्रज्जवलित कर कार्यक्रम का शुभारंभ किया। मुख्य अतिथि जावेद इकबाल अंसारी ने कहा कि कोल्हान में तीन लाख से ज्यादा लोग अंगिका भाषा-भाषी हैं। संघ के माध्यम से अंगिका समाज को गोलबंद करना है। उन्होंने समाजहित में काम करने व जरूरतमंदों को मदद करने पर जोर दिया। इस दौरान भागलपुर आकाशवाणी के कलाकार बलवीर सिंह बग्गा एंड ग्रुप द्वारा प्रस्तुत सांस्कृतिक… Read More

Deoghar to get airport

New Delhi: The Hindu holy town of Deoghar in Jharkhand will soon figure on the country’s air map as the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has decided to set up an airport there. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was recently signed by AAI and Jharkhand for establishing an airport in Deoghar. It was signed in the presence of AAI chairman VP Agarwal and Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda. Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda. Image courtesy PIB “As per the MoU, the AAI would develop an airport in Deoghar, initially for ATR-72-type aircraft operations and subsequently for A-321-type of aircraft operations depending upon the demand and traffic potential,” the AAI said in a statement today. Earlier, the AAI had said in a statement that the pact was signed between it and the Jharkhand government on 16 February for development of airports in Jamshedpur and Bokaro. Jharkhand had later denied signing of the pact for Jamshedpur and… Read More

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