Ang Desh

Ancient art form fighting to survive active

BHAGALPUR: The Manjusha art of Bhagalpur and its adjoining areas is struggling for endurance as there is no support from either the government or social organisations, unlike Madhubani paintings of Mithila, Zadopetiya of the Santhal Parganas and other folk arts of Bihar. The artists associated with the art are now compelled to switch over to other trades to make both ends meet. Incidentally, this art, which is also popular as “Angika art”, is attached with mythological background of the ancient Bishari Puja of “Anga Desh”, the name by which this zone was known centuries ago. Manjushas are temple-shaped boxes made of bamboo, jute straw and paper. Local folks believe that by worshipping the Bisharis (the Goddesses of snakes), they shall not fear snakebite. Speaking about the Manjusha art, octogenarian Chakravarti Devi, the living legend of the 20 odd proponents of this art form, said, “Only three colours – red, green and yellow – are used… Read More

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