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बिहार अंगिका अकादमी केरऽ प्रथम स्थापना दिवस प॑ मनैलऽ गेलै अंगिका दिवस आरो होलै अंगिका पखवाड़ा के आयोजन

भागलपुर। बिहार अंगिका अकादमी आरू अखिल भारतीय अंगिका सम्मेलन केरऽ संयुक्त तत्वावधान मं॑ ३० जून – २०१६ ई. क॑ स्थानीय कला केंद्र म॑ अंगिका दिवस एगो भव्य समारोह के आयोजन करी क॑ मनैलऽ गेलै। जेकरऽ उदघाटन बिहार अंगिका अकादमी के अध्यक्ष प्रो. (डॉ.) लखन लाल सिंह आरोही न॑ करलकै । उदघाटन करतं॑ डॉ. आरोही न॑ कहलकै कि पिछला साल ३०[Read More...]

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Manjusha folk art on the verge of extinction

PATNA: The famous Manjusha art of Bhagalpur and its neighbouring ar-eas is on the verge of extinction due to lack of support from the Bihar government. Manjusha art is essentially local in its form and content mixed with a very popular folk tale of Bhagalpur namely `Bihula-Vishahari Gatha’. Now this art form is mainly confined to few museums and books.[Read More...]

Angika Magazines

The “ Ang Madhuri” is the first monthly magazine of Angika language. “Ang Madhuri” is being published regularly by Shekhar Prakashan, Patna since last 44 years. Its first issue was published in December 1970. Dr. Naresh Pandey Chakore is the Editor of this magazine since its inception. This magazine is on the verge of creating a history in the field of literary Hindi and languages of Bihar,[Read More...]

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अंगिका भाषा का साहित्यिक परिदृश्य

अंगिका भाषा का साहित्यिक परिदृश्य – कुंदन अमिताभ – Email : , Mobile : 9869478444 केवल लिखित साहित्य को ही आधार मानें तो अंगिका भाषा में साहित्य निर्माण की समृद्ध परम्परा प्राचीन काल से ही सतत रूप से जारी है, जो प्रामाणिक रूप से पिछले तेरह सौ वर्षों के कालखंडों में बिखरा पड़ा है. महापंडित राहुल सांकृत्यायन के अनुसार[Read More...]

Anga Tourism

Anga Desh has many important places of Tourism interest. Click below to know the details: TOURISM ZONE PLACES OF INTEREST Banka Durian , Indrabaran , Jesth Gaur math , Papharni Tank , Rupsa , Bhagalpur Patharghatta Hill , Shahkund , Sultanganj , Champanagar, Vikramshila , Munger International Yoga University , Munger Fort , Tomb of Pir Shah Nufa , Palace of Shah Suja , Tomb of Mulla Muhammad Said ,Kashtaharni Ghat , Chandi Asthan , Rock carving , Kharagpur Lake , Rameshwar Kund , Pir Pahar , Sita-Kund , Shringhrishi ,Rishikund , Ha-Ha Punch Kumari , Uren ( Buddhist Ruins , Foot print mark and rock[Read More...]

Anga Lipi (अंग लिपि)

Anga referred to a region in what is now Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal states of India, and Lipi meant script. [1] Anga Script is mentioned in an ancient Sanskrit language Buddhist book “Lalitvistar” (ललितविस्तर), which says Anga Lipi was one of the most important scripts among 64 other scripts of that time. The script was specific to the Anga region,[Read More...]

Angika Art : Manjusha Art

According to legend, Manjusha art or Angika Art traces its origin to the Bihula-Vishahri or Mansha folktale, popular in erstwhile Anga Pradesh and found also in an altered form in West Bengal. The Manjushas, which are made up of Jute straws and paper, depict sketches of different charecters, apart from those of Gods and Goddesses, thereby giving a vivid description of the entire[Read More...]

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Anga (अंग)

Anga (अंगaṅga) was a kingdom that flourished on the eastern Indian subcontinent in the 6th century BCE until taken over by Magadha in the same century. Counted among the “sixteen great nations” (solas Mahajanapadas) in Buddhist texts like the Anguttara Nikaya, Anga also finds mention in the Jain Vyakhyaprajnapti’s list of ancient janapadas. Some refer that the Angas were grouped[Read More...]

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Ancient art form fighting to survive active

BHAGALPUR: The Manjusha art of Bhagalpur and its adjoining areas is struggling for endurance as there is no support from either the government or social organisations, unlike Madhubani paintings of Mithila, Zadopetiya of the Santhal Parganas and other folk arts of Bihar. The artists associated with the art are now compelled to switch over to other trades to make both[Read More...]

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