There is no shortcut to hard work : Kunal Baikunth Singh

Mumbai : 31 March,’07 : It was amazing to be with Kunal Baikunth Singh, the hero of first Angika feature film at the recording studio, “Shakuntalam” in Andheri Mumbai. I had reached over there at the request of Mr. Singh. I spent six full hours with him from evening up to midnight on 31 st March, 2007 before leaving to my place. He was quite busy with the final recording and dubbing work of “Khagaria Vali Bhouji”. He was appearing very bold, determined, and confident in handling all the activities at the studio as per his desire and requirements. He was looking quite capable in performing all the tedious job of recording and dubbing which generally requires lot of persistence. He was directing to everybody in very diligence manner to get the output and result as per the necessity of the film. His commitment towards the goal of producing a quality Angika language film was… Read More