Mumbai, April 27, 2007: Regional films within India and abroad had been able to attract good no. of audiences. Now the question is, if the Angika movie will be able to get audiences abroad as Bhojpuri cinema has got. Actor, Director and Producer Kunal Baikunth Singh thinks that this is the era of the cinemas in regional languages. Mr. Kunal Singh, will soon be seen in the forthcoming first ever Angika movie, “Khagaria Vali Bhouji”.angika_film_9

The movies made with regional actors in low budget lacks the professionalism in acting and success of any film depends upon the number of audiences and the people speaking the language. Story, Characters, locations, songs and banners have great importance in cinema. Keeping this in mind, the production of “Khagaria Vali Bhouji” should really be appreciated.

It is a general misconception that the number of audiences for Angika cinema is very less as compared to Bhojpuri. Bhojpuri films are also being liked in foreign too apart from Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Nepal and North India.

However it will be difficult to get audiences without a proper composition of new story, great performances, good music and songs. Earlier producers used Bhojpuri dialogues in between Hindi to make it more spicy. Legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda also used to speak Bhojpuri dialogues. Now Bhojpuri producers are using old Hindi film to make money by dubbing them in to Bhojpuri. Movies made in Indian location and in villages are making money even in foreign also.

Certainly with the language of nearly 4 to 5 crores of population, Angika has tremendous potential to pull the crowd towards a film like Khagaria Vali Bhouji of having proper composition of all the requirement of a best feature film.

(An Exclusive Report on by Kundan Amitabh)

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