Mumbai, April 27, 2007: Kunal Singh recalls the hidden talent of his late mother for singing, which unfortunately could not be used at right place due to short of infrastructure and absence of Angika Film Industry then.angika_film_9

He seeks to create an infrastructure for the development of cultural, skills and jobs strengths by connecting communities in Mumbai or elsewhere in India and world with those in the Angika film and entertainment industry.

It is about research and training so that the needs of Angika Film Industry are understood and can be met. It is about business opportunities – service agreements, product , placements and merchandising. And it is about helping companies and organisations adapt and form partnerships that work to everyone’s advantage.

Film Industry needs the skills and services of individuals and companies around the world to sustain its success – a wide range of technical and professional services underpin what’s seen on the silver screen. And Indian-made films nearly always include cross country sequences, so there’s location and studio work too and tourism when fans come to see where their favourite scenes were shot.

Entertainment is big business,world-wide. And one of the major forces in entertainment today is the Indian film industry. Which is big and getting bigger, good and getting better. But to sustain its growth it needs skills and services – and markets – outside the Mumbai. Naturally for Angika language films, people from Anga region will be required to be hired for the specific services. In turn, it will create lot of employment opportunities.

An Exclusive Report on by Kundan Amitabh

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